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Gerry Rafferty – Gerry Rafferty (LP)


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Gerry Rafferty – Gerry Rafferty

Format:  LP

Label:  Hypertension US 9990601027838

Produced: 2013

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Genre: Pop


Gerry Rafferty – S/T – Tracklist:


A1. Shoeshine Boy (03:17)
A2. Rick Rack (02:48)
A3. All The Best People Do It (02:59)
A4. Look Over The Hill And Far Away (03:40)
A5. Blood And Glory (02:31)
A6. Song For Simon (02:21)
A7. I Can’t Stop Now (04:41)
B1. So Bad Thinking (03:20)
B2. Patrick (03:22)
B3. Steamboat Row (02:05)
B4. Her Father Didn’t Like Me Anyway (04:35)
B5. Keep It To Yourself (03:16)
B6. Coconut Tree (01:57)
B7. Please Sing A Song For Us (02:45)
B8. My Singing Bird (03:18)