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Police (The) – Around The World (Restored & Expanded) DVD & CD


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Police (The) – Around The World (Restored & Expanded)

Format: CD Album (DVD & CD)

Label: Mercury Studios US MSDD520451

Produced: 2022

Staat: nieuw in verpakking


Genres: Rock & Pop


DVD: Multichannel, NTSC, Reissue


01. Intro Credits (Don’t Stand So Close To Me live drone)
02. Next To You (live in Kyoto ’80)
03. Bewitched (Summers/Fripp)
04. Bring On The Night (rehearsal jam)
05. Walking On The Moon (live in Kyoto ’80)
06. Guitar Man (rehearsal jam)
07. Canary In A Coalmine (rehearsal jam)
08. Born In The 50’s (live in Hong Kong ’80)
09. So Lonely (videoclip)
10. Man In A Suitcase (live in Los Angeles ’81)
11. Can’t Stand Losing You / Reggatta De Blanc (live in Bombay ’80)
12. piano jam
13. Bring On The Night (videoclip)
14. Canary In A Coalmine (videoclip)
15. Voices Inside My Head (videoclip)
16. When The World Is Running Down, You Make The Best Of What’s Still Around (excerpts live in Los Angeles ’81)
17. Shadows In The Rain (live in Los Angeles ’81)
18. Don’t Stand So Close To Me (live in Frėjus ’80)
19. Truth Hits Everybody (live in Frėjus ’80)
20. Roxanne (live in Los Angeles ’81)
21. end credits (Message In A Bottle studio version)


Bonus Live Performances:
Complete Live Performances Of:


22. Walking On The Moon
23. Next To You
24. Message In A Bottle
25. Born In The 50’s


CD Performances:


01. Walking On The Moon
02. Next To You
03. Deathwish
04. So Lonely
05. Can’t Stand Losing You
06. Truth Hits Everybody
07. Visions Of The Night
08. Roxanne
09. Intro
10. Born In The 50’s
11. Message In A Bottle
12. Bring On The Night