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Korgis (The) - Kollection (2LP)


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Korgis (The) – Kollection

Format: LP (2LP)

Label: Let Them Eat Vinyl UK LETV599LP

Produced: 2020

Staat: nieuw in verpakking


Genres: Soft Rock & Pop


Korgis (The) – Kollection – Tracklist:


A1. If I Had You (03:58)
A2. Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime (04:09)
A3. It All Comes Down To You (03:40)
A4. One Life (03:36)
A5. Who Are These Tears For (04:14)
B1. Find Yourself Another Fool (03:56)
B2. This World’s For Everyone (03:28)
B3. That’s What Friends Are For (03:47)
B4. Hold On (04:12)
B5. I Wonder What’s Become Of You (03:25)
C1. Work Together (03:42)
C2. Come To Me (03:52)
C3. All The Love In The World (04:00)
C4. Wish You Merry Xmas (02:55)
C5. Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime (DNA Mix 93) (03:44)


Bonus Rarities


D1. It Won’t Be The Same Old Place (David Lord Mix) (05:12)
D2. Lines (Demo) (03:29)
D3. Boots And Shoes (Demo) (04:04)
D4. Make A Fuss About Us (Demo) (03:32)